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R. Willis

I don't normally write e-mails like this, but your product has really blown me away and I had to take a few minutes to let you know. Since I got a new BlackBerry Curve, I'd been looking for an online bookmark manager. I found several, but none that were as straightforward and uncluttered as LinkaGoGo. Today I received my first weekly back-up file -- what a terrific feature! And the import into IE Explorer 7 is a snap. Now all of my bookmarks on my home desktop, laptop and work computer are always up-to-date, PLUS I have a great online resource. Your product is fabulous!

Keep up the great work!

Mike R., Tulsa

It took Yahoo screwing up their own Bookmarks module to make me look elsewhere. Your service is the best I've found.


C. Aldridge

Aloha! I love linkaGoGo. delicious was my first online bookmarking account and I really began storing bookmarks that would continue to be useful for me instead of more a collection of historical interests. A colleague showed me linkaGoGo, which she had been using for years and it took me a while to appreciate just how feature rich linkaGoGo is. Now, the reason for this is because everything is turned on when you first log in and that can put off some people. But once I moved my bookmarks over from delicious and really started organizing � well, I couldn�t be without it. The dynamic folders based off keywords are perfect for me to go from one project to another without sticking to a rigid form of organization. Reminders, being able to personalize your homepage, all the data kept about each bookmark (date added, visited, etc.), smart bookmarks, even the timeline � it really shows that the developers weren�t just thinking about putting your bookmarks online but to really make your bookmarks something useful and to perpetuate that usefulness. What is your online experience if not the sites you visit? If you can�t fully manage these sites, then you�re left with an online experience that falls short.

SabraUltra (Dallas, Texas, USA)

Mr. Henry van den Broek , creator and webmaster of 'linkaGoGo', has designed one of the most useful power tools on the internet. Pop in on a friend and be able to show your internet stuff without fumbling. This is powerful networking! He is in the top class of Kim Komando's elite force. This is the Topflight program for web surfers.

H. Lopez

Once again linkagogo has saved my favorites. Forum after forum are filled with people like myself who cannot import their aol favorites to a new server. Linkagogo is an easy to use, fool proof service.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

A. Charity

i am trying out link a go go as i could never get my aol favourites to internet explorer till i found this great web site out and i love it now i can keep all my aol favourites up to date on ie as well but i know this free trail will soon end but i will be getting it before it ends any way thanks for a great service and i shall be joining all registered uses very soon many thanks for a good service

E. Vontobel (Switzerland)

I like linkaGoGo very much because I work on many different PCs.


You had the dream and stuck to it. Well done! Keep up the great ideas, concepts and keep growing. And yes i will pay!


I have been using LinkAGoGo now for over a year -- I love it. I never lose my bookmarks, and the ability to search through all of them is a great help. So many times I find a web page that has something on it I like, but I don't go back for a while, then I would forget - now I can just bookmark it and then later search on any word that I can remember about it, and there it is!

K. Longmire

I spend a lot of time researching on the web. As anyone who knows me will tell you, I am good at what I do but I may not be the most organised. LinkaGoGo has been an absolute boon. All my links are in one page. And using the one click add feature makes it simple to use. It goes without saying that LinkaGoGo is now my home page.

Lisa Kinter Parenting in an Electronic Age

When travelling, I use linkaGoGo as my resource page. Its great to have all my links in one place.


S. Putre

I have been using LinkaGoGo for two years, and it has proven to be a reliable, convenient, flexible way to manage my bookmarks and sync them among my many browsers.

K. Denning

I use linkaGoGo as my start page. As a busy webmaster working on several sites with a lot of different administration tasks to access, it saves a lot of time and trouble having all of my links in one convenient place.

Thanks linkaGoGo!

P. Polman

Linkagogo is the leader in bookmark management.

If you work on different computers (work/home/laptop) than this is your program. There is just no other script that is more fast, stable, and almost ad-free.

L. Smarts

I like this type of service. Yours is fast and reliable.

I travel a lot working with educational software and use whatever computer that I find at my clients.

T. Woolfson

I really like linkagogo, I'm currently travelling abroad, using a different PC almost every day. I find linkagogo really convenient and simple. It means I have access to my favourites from every PC, just like at home.

J. Baute

Congrats with your excellent bookmarking service, I've been looking into quite a few, but none of them had the amount of features LinkaGoGo has, you guys have it all, and it's packed into a fast & clean interface, which is just what I like.

C.M Gibbs

Thank you so much for a wonderful way of organizing favs! I am an info hound and use several pc's all the time. When I am out and looking up information, whether I bring my laptop or use another pc, I can be assured that I will be able to keep my favourites organized to my needs and busy schedule.

Thanks again and please keep us apprised of any new additions to this wonderful site.

A. Rugg

I love Linkagogo. It is, by far, the best online (or otherwise) bookmark organizer I have ever seen. I don't have it bookmarked, because it is my home (startup) page. As soon as I start up my Netscape 7.1 (or, on occasion) Opera, Galeon or Konqueror), there it is, ready to use.

M. Nischan

First, let me say that Linkagogo is THE best online bookmark manager!

M. Randall

Thanks for a great service, btw! Nice to see someone doing a decent job of the whole online bookmarks thing, after Blink bought then killed off the entire 'market'.

B. Bernstein

I noticed immediately that LinkaGoGo's features easily match the features in Backflip. Your site loads much faster than Backflip's! As a user of a few browsers, I cared that you offered more bookmark formats for uploading bookmarks.

And your site has much more customizability. The options page gave me the freedom to further trim down what I didn't want to see and make the site my own. It's important when I have to be at this webpage frequently to not be annoyed by even the littlest thing.

I like your interface and site design more than Backflip's. You're less cluttered and cleaner. Your site gives me access to more than Backflip does in the same space.

B. Lang

I'm very impressed with the service, since I use 3 separate PCs!


Thank you very much for the great service you are providing :-)

M. Kling

I am very impressed with your site design and quality of service. It is one of the best I have seen over the years of surfing. It is a pleasure to use your site.

B. Balch

I tried 1/2 a dozen websites for storing and accessing my Internet Explorer favorites, and YOUR site was the best I came up with.

E. Bier

I used linkagogo to verify my favorites. I found that linkagogo is much faster at verification and has a much better UI.

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LinkAGoGo is an extremely powerful online bookmark manager with a wealth of features.

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S. Hall

Now that I have over 600 bookmarks (and growing), I've found LinkaGoGo an outstanding solution for helping me keep track of my bookmarks.

Great Job!

The Detroit Free Press

"LinkaGoGo offers a bunch of goodies."

"Terrific services like LinkaGoGo ..."

D. Lehmann

Before I found your service, I would type each web address in manually each time. Logging in to different computers all the time prevented me from being able to use Favorites or Bookmarks. Now, I just type in your site's address, and bangaboom! Just a click away to all the places I want to visit!

S. Dennis

I have tried many many schemes for storing my favorites on line. I've paid for services, I've signed up for free services and tried them and I've even cobbled together some of my own attempts. NONE match LinkaGoGo. It totally and absolutely rocks. Thank you, thank you.

Thanks for a great great tool. My friends come by my desk and say 'how do you do that????' and I tell 'em LinkaGoGo!

R. Warken

"Eu tenho usado o LinkaGogo e estou muito feliz. Este servi�o � completamente eficiente.Eu lhe convido a usar."
(I have been using linkaGoGo for a while and am very happy with the efficient service. I invite you to try it yourself.)

J. Korbeck

I have switched from Backflip and appreciate the speed and many features of linkaGoGo. The more I use linkaGoGo, the more I like it. How do you get the pages to update so fast?? Simply amazing...


I love linkaGoGo, it's just great !

R. Sumner: This website is the absolute best!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the best bookmark management website I have seen. I used to use Backflip but cannot use it at work because of our firewall. Then I switched to Blink but they are not giving it free any more. So after hunting through 100's of other bookmark management tools and trying all of them, I finally found linkagogo. I love all the sort features, check for old links, favorites, recently used sites, etc. This is the best of them all. Keep up the good work!

M. Massana

First of all, I would like to congratulate you for your excellent linksmanager (linkagogo).

C. Fessl, Project Manager eLearning ([email protected])

I just changed from Yahoo! Bookmarks to you, your features are very impressive.

J. White

"Awesome stuff"


The turbo mode is really much faster, or is it because I'm a little slow in the morning :-)


Turbo mode works!!! my impression is that it is much faster.

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